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  • Kelly Culver, BSN, RN, CASC, Administrator
  • Christopher Pruett, MD, Medical Director
  • Traci Tasky, BSN, RN, Clinical Director
  • Laurie Thiemann, Business Office Manager


  • James Forsen, MD
  • James Gould, MD

General Surgery

  • Christopher Pruett, MD
  • Ricardo Rao, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Lyndon Gross, MD
  • John Krause, MD
  • Fallon Maylack, MD
  • George Paletta, MD
  • Sridhar Pinnamaneni, MD
  • Christopher Rothrock, MD
  • Corey Solman, MD

Pain Management

  • Barry Feinberg, MD
  • Rachel Feinberg, MD
  • Tong Zhu, MD

Plastic Surgery

  • Charles Nathan, MD
  • Christian Prada, MD
  • Deniz Sarhaddi, MD


  • Rahul Basho, MD
  • Daniel Kitchens, MD
  • Armond Levy, MD
  • Terrence Piper, MD
  • David Raskas, MD
  • Todd Stewart, MD
  • Brett Taylor, MD


  • Gurdarshan Sandhu, MD
  • Keith Steinbecker, MD